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My 2 cents on exercise


“It’s a beautiful day to run!” That’s what an elderly gentleman said to me as he rolled by on a motorized wheelchair. The weather here in sunny California has made for beautiful days to run.

As part of my healing process I have begun to incorporate exercise as much as possible. I have been going on gentle jogs in the morning. Now I am more of a swimmer than a jogger. Primarily because I hate to sweat. However these past couple if days I have really enjoyed the showers after a good run. I’m also getting better sleep because I exercise in the morning.

Today on my morning run I found a two cents euro (or is it two euro cents?). So here’s my two cents on running: first try to exercise in the morning and outside if possible, and remember with any exercise start slowly & taper off.

As the first month of the new year comes to a close I have yet to make any New Years resolutions but I think this 2013 year will involve lots of exercise.

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