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Have you ever been hurt? I have. I learned that IVs can really hurt.

“Since the mind and the soul find expression through the body, both mental and spiritual vigor are in great degree dependent upon physical strength and activity; whatever promotes physical health promotes the development of a strong mind and a well-balanced character. Without health, no one can as distinctly understand or as completely fulfill his obligations to himself, to his fellow-beings, or to his Creator. Therefore thy health should be faithfully guarded as the character.” Education p.195

I have now been hospitalized a second time for similar symptoms. Now I can more fully accept that I am sick and am coming to terms with accepting a new diagnosis. I am still determined to not let illness be a handicap or stop me from pursuing my dreams of becoming a physician.

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My 2 cents on exercise


“It’s a beautiful day to run!” That’s what an elderly gentleman said to me as he rolled by on a motorized wheelchair. The weather here in sunny California has made for beautiful days to run.

As part of my healing process I have begun to incorporate exercise as much as possible. I have been going on gentle jogs in the morning. Now I am more of a swimmer than a jogger. Primarily because I hate to sweat. However these past couple if days I have really enjoyed the showers after a good run. I’m also getting better sleep because I exercise in the morning.

Today on my morning run I found a two cents euro (or is it two euro cents?). So here’s my two cents on running: first try to exercise in the morning and outside if possible, and remember with any exercise start slowly & taper off.

As the first month of the new year comes to a close I have yet to make any New Years resolutions but I think this 2013 year will involve lots of exercise.

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