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New week

Today was the start of a new work week for most people but for me it’s a school week since that is my full time occupation. I didn’t even realize that today was Columbus Day and that the banks and post offices were closed. My mom was the one who reminded me today that it was Columbus Day since she called and asked if I gotten the day off. I reminded her that this is med school and there’s no way we would get that day off. I can’t remember the last time I got Columbus Day off.

I actually went to the bank this morning to deposit some checks in the ATM, only to realize that I had forgotten my debit card at home. I didn’t think twice about going into the bank (wouldn’t have mattered since they were closed) to talk to the teller because I don’t like waiting in line.I do most of my banking online because of convenience. I also try to avoid the line at the post office. I pay most of my bills online as well. In doing this I have become efficient in managing my time (and finances) but I do miss the human interaction.

Anyways…I realized that I need to start getting used to the idea that I will most likely have to end up working some holidays later in life as a practicing physician since most physicians don’t just decide to not go to work because it is a holiday and there are times when I will have to take call on a holiday. Soon summer breaks, Thanksgiving breaks, and Christmas breaks will disappear as I progress through medical education and transition into a full-time employee. I’m okay with that 🙂

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