Welcome to alert and oriented x3, regular rate and rhythm! Or otherwise known as Regular Rosemary’s Reflections. I am a US medical student who has been inspired to jot down some of the day to day facts that occur in and out of the hospital.

I am encouraged to keep track of these precious moments (sometimes crazy, often humorous) during my time as a student on the hospital wards for future reference and to share with any readers out there who may be interested in learning about the life of someone training to be a future physician. I will attempt to document as accurately as possible the words and events I witness. Of course keep in mind that these posts are from eyes of what is considered in medical hierarchy as the “lowest on the totem pole” AKA the medical student.

There have been many of times throughout this year where I couldn’t believe the hilarious things patients said or events that actually transpired during my shift at the hospital. I have at times wondered if I wasn’t being filmed for a medical sit-com tv show as I can promise that there is no way I could have possibly come up with the script and acted the part. My search for the hidden cameras have only made me aware of the various security cameras strategically placed, so maybe you have seen some of the scenes I will describe? Anywho, I’ll let you tell me, just leave me a comment.

In no acute distress,

Meddie 2013


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