Preparation Day

Joshua, the son of Nun was given some promises on his preparation day when the LORD called him to lead God’s people in to the promised land. Now I haven’t been called to lead anyone but I believe that I can take comfort that as I prepare to go back to my clinical rotations this coming Monday. I have nothing to fear.

I’ve been on an extended medical leave of absence due to my hospitalization in early January. In my last doctor’s visit I was prescribed yet another medication and thankfully I seem to be responding well. I have been seizure free for about four weeks now. I am still not allowed to drive. My mother has been my designated driver for the past month and will continue to do so until my doctor says I can drive. But any who, back to the promises Joshua is given:

Joshua 1:5 “ I was with Moses, so I will bee with thee: I will not fail thee, nore forsake thee.”

Joshua is told three times by the LORD: “Be strong and of a good courage” (See Joshua 1:6, 7, 9)

The words are again found in Joshua 1:18 “only be strong and of a good courage”


I love the above quotation. I took this picture after meeting with my deans regrading my future here at this medical school and re-starting clinical rotations. So here I go to prepare myself mentally to start Preventative and Community Medicine. First off though I’ll prepare for Sabbath since today is Friday. 🙂

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