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Meet Steth & Cardia. During this year, Steth here has become a dear friend of mine. Surely his purpose been more than to help me to auscultate various Cardias of my patients (he’s also helpful for breath sounds, bruits, bowel sounds, etc.). I’m told that apparently I can use him on the eye but not sure that manuever would instill confidence in my patients. He has been my partner in crime in early dark hours when resident physicians and medical students, like myself on inpatient rotations, harass the patients assigned to our medical team and begin rattling off various questions such as, “How are you doing? Have any pain? Have you passed gas? How about that new medication we just started giving you, have you noticed any changes?” while simultaneously proceeding to place cold Steth to the skin (as we have been taught to NEVER auscultate through any clothing! The bell of the stethoscope is to be placed directly on the skin). Steth has kept me company whether in my short white coat pocket or riding on my neck these past few months as I have made the transition from book work to seeing and caring for live patients with pathology and diseases I was supposed to have learned about during the first two years of medical school.


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