Monthly Archives: November 2009

Where would I put it?

This was the proverb of our parking spot in the parking garage in Chinatown. It was a good reminder as I am home for the week of what is truly important. It’s not the things that I can accumulate in this life but rather the relationships that I build and grow. That’s why I came home. I came to see family ๐Ÿ™‚


Personality types

So last night I became irratated when what should have been eight mintue trip turned into a thiry minute trip. I like to know exactly how to get to a new location. I have a fairly good sense of direction and after driving to a new location I can usually remember how to get back. Whenever I drive to a new place I pay attention to freeways taken, exit names and street names. To this day I refuse to get a GPS (mostly out of stubbornness and lack of funds) and am actually doing quite well with out one. I invest energy in committing to memory how to get myself form point A to point B. In doing so I have yet to get myself lost. Unfortunately this was not the case last night. We got lost in a place where it is not the safest to be at during the evening hours. I kept thinking to myself how I should have looked up directions before leaving the house instead of trusting in my friend’s sense of direction. ย What took us so long is that my friend couldn’t remember how to get to the mall although she had been there the day before. Now granted it was nighttime and there’s lots of construction going on so there were many detours. I was driving so I became irratated when we didn’t know how to get to the mall and felt like we were just driving in circles. Well we eventually made it to our destination just took the long way around. My irritation vanished when I was reminded at the reason for my friend’s “lack of direction sense”. It’s not that she actually lacks anything but rather she views things differently. Because of her personality she always sort of knows where something is. If she was to have given me directions on how to get to a location she’s more likely to tell me of landmarks rather than street names (leading to perhaps frustration on my part) and thus her confusion with how to get to the mall during night rather than day since the surroundings looked completely different. With that little bit of understanding myself and her I was able to laugh off the whole “lost in the ghetto incident” ๐Ÿ™‚